New beginnings - Start van het verhaal




For years I have worked with young people and thus I can honestly say I have become a real people person. Every one of us has his or her distinctive character and behaves and reacts in a very unique way. Understanding how people react and why they react in a certain way , led me to finding out more about this topic.

In this search , I learned more about the psycho-analyst Jung who described his archetypes.

He defined twelve primary types that symbolize basic human motivations. Each type has its own set of values, meanings and personality traits.

Mixing his theory with my slogan ‘ You are what you wear ‘ – the idea of designing 12 archetypes as T-shirt prints began to grow.

I wanted the designs to be original , extraordinary and fun. Organizing a photoshoot with friends who were enthousiastic about my idea - looking for eco-friendly and quality fabrics for the T-shirts – learning about different types of printing on fabrics – were some of the steps I took to complete the collection.

I am so proud to introduce to you my collection of STUDIO MIMOIRE. Enjoy it while making your own MIMOIRES !

Wear and show your own personality.

Wear and show your own MIMOIRE .